Tax refund

You can get Your tax back if You worked in United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Australia, USA, Denmark, Japan, Canada, Norway, New Zeland, Germany.

While working abroad Your employer enumerated different taxes from Your salary. The good news is – You have got an opportunity to get Your taxes back! Would You like to receive the money, that belongs to You?

Every person, who lives and works abroad, has to pay taxes. Taxes are being enumerated from all employed or self-employed people during all the financial year period.


Those who work under the work contract may also receive their overpaid taxes if they: 

·                 did not earn more than tax free minimum;

·                 worked (not) full financial year;

·                 paid their taxes according the emergency code;

·                 were student while working, but paid taxes in the general order. 


The amount of Your return tax depends on:

·                 the duration of Your employment;

·                 total income you have earned and total taxes you have paid;

·                 tax code;

·                 financial year;

·                 tax free minimum. 


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