Community care assistant

With the express approval of Management and Directors to attend to, but not limited to, the

domestic, personal care, rehabilitation and social needs of Clients aimed at creating an

environment whereby Clients can achieve and maintain maximum independence in their

own homes

The job tasks will vary depending upon the individual needs of each Client that will be

assessed by a Manager or Director with each case explained directly to the Community Care

Salary – 6 – 9 GBP per hour

Accommodation – 50-75 GBP per week

Working hours from 37,5 hours per week + overtime


1. To Assist with the promotion and maintenance of a high standard of Client care.

2. To assist with maintaining a homely atmosphere.

Personal Care

Where no nursing procedure or attention is required and as part of an overall care plan:

1. Assisting Clients in and out of bed

2. Assisting Client to dress and undress

3. Helping with feeding Clients

4. Attending to the personal hygiene and cleanliness of Clients which will include help with

bathing, washing, toileting and emptging commodes together with assisting, as required,

Clients suffering from incontinence.

5. Routine hair and nail care

6. Incontinence laundry/appropriate mending

7. Assisting with catheter care

Personq.l Care Spectficallg Excludes

·         Administration of drugs by injection

·         Application of dressings

·         Superuision of medical treatment

Household Tasks

1. Preparation and cooking of meals in the absence of a meals delivery service or where

special dietary or other needs as necessary

2. Shopping for food and other household essentials

3. Washing and ironing as required

4. Cleaning of grates, laying and lighting of fires andlor filling of paraffin heaters

5. Bed making and changing of bed linens as required

6. Assist with tasks to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of Client’s home.

7 . Budgeting and banking, with the express and written approval of management.



1. CV (in english) with photo.

2. 2 references

3. Police report

4. Medical report

5. 4 photos for documents