Job in factory (packers)

 Type of job  -  packing, picking fruits, vegetables, flowers

Salary - 5,80 GBP/hour.

Working hours ~ 37,5 hours per week + overtime.

Accommodation –  shared house - 45 – 65 GBP per week More…

Community care assistant

With the express approval of Management and Directors to attend to, but not limited to, the

domestic, personal care, rehabilitation and social needs of Clients aimed at creating an

environment whereby Clients can achieve and maintain maximum independence in their

own homes


Care assistants for care homes


Job for care assistants in care homes in all UK.

Salary - 6 - 6,5 Gpb/val.

Working hours  - from 37,5 hours per week + overtime

Accommodation – shared house, rent 50-75 GBP per week


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